Welcome, glad you found us!

Le’t me introduce ourselves.
We are a small company based in Dronten Holland. We specialise in building electric solid body guitars based on the output of our online configurator. *) We can also build your guitar for you the traditional way, just drop us an email and start the yourney to your own holy grail!

If you, like us, are a tone chaser, you’ve come to the right place.


Me in action with one of the cabronita builds

We have found that guitar tone comes in many shapes and forms. Most is in your fingers, you will sound basically the same, no matter what guitar is in your hands, but the really great sounds can be found in the details of finding subtle hardware combinations like:

The right wood combined with the right pickups. For example; we found that mahogany with singlecoils delivers a tone that most guitarists will not appreciate.

Use clean soldering. Crappy solder joints just don’t make you sound better.

Fretwork, neck setup. Rettling frets don’t help getting the tone you want.

Tube amps. Most guitarists find that for real great tones you need a good quality tube amp.

and a dozen more tips and tricks

Cabronita build

Cabronita build

The way we work:

  • We (you and us) will try to define the guitar you’re after in terms of sounds, playability, type of use, color etc.
  • We will select hardware and woods and present the kitlist to you.
  • On approval we start building.
  • We can document build in a photobook.


If you are looking for your holy grail, drop us an email, maybe we can create it together.

Here at Tone Chaser’s we are probably working on some guitars right now, so don’t be alarmed if we don’t answer your email within 3 hours.